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Can You Merge Your Two Facebook Accounts?

02/23/13 | by Carver Admas [mail] | Categories: Social Media

I created one Facebook account when I was not married and one post marriage. Now I am thinking of a way to merge both accounts.

This social media platform has become such a phenomenon that you can?t do without it and then there are also times when you just don?t feel like being a part of it, you can?t related to it. It?s almost like a love affair that will never complete its full circle.

For quite some time I continued being active on my old account. Since I work online most of my work was also happening on my maiden name, I was exchanging communications with my clients from my old account. Mails-wise I was no missing out on anything because Gmail allows you to merge two accounts and I did just that. This brought in great convenience as I would have to open just one account and could access information and mails received in both.

But I did not make any such attempt for Facebook. New connections kept sending me request on my new account which I went on accepting and some; especially business associates were still sending requests on old account. I was getting a lot of business enquiries on my old account so there was no way I could ignore this and focus on the new account. 

Operating from two different accounts was making me feel as if I was leading a dual life. Really! It was a strange feeling which I did not like.

So one fine morning I finally decided to put everything aside and find out how to do it. But sooner than I had expected, I found it that Facebook does not allow you to merge your two accounts and make it into one. They suggest that we cancel one account and send fresh request to our old connections via new account. So I am going to do that in a few days.

In the mean time, I thought it was not a bad idea to create a short quick post out of it. I am sure many people for different reasons might have created two accounts and might be looking for a way out; hopefully this post will come in handy for them.


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