3 Things that Motivational Speakers can do

07/10/14 | by Rosemary Tyson [mail] | Categories: Motivation

Motivational speakers are the people hired by companies when they want to motivate their employees. Motivating their employees is necessary for them to have a more productive business. They can encourage their employees to do better by giving them incentives but sometimes, it is not always enough. What these employees needs is someone to tell them the things that they are not seeing. These speakers are trained to create speeches that can positively affect the people who they are talking to. Other than this, they are also trained how to act properly in front of an audience so as to give the audience the perception that they can trust and believe in what they are saying. By the end of their talk, motivational speakers can have the following effect on their audience.

  • Deepen their understanding - When employees perform badly in their work, the problem may be found on the way they understand what their jobs are. Usually, these people only have a shallow understanding to what they are doing or they simply consider their job as a way to earn money. Motivational speakers know that every job in the world has its importance in the society and they can make employees realize the same thing too. To do this, a speaker first understands who his or her audiences are. After knowing what their jobs or problems are, the speaker can effectively make a speech tackling these things.
  • Inspire employees - Inspiration is one thing that only a few managers can give to their employees. However, motivational speakers can do this through their speeches. Through personal experiences and hours of studying, these speakers already know the ways how to effectively inspire others to do their best. What's even better is that they can inspire people in just a matter of hours. This is why companies who hire skilled speakers can expect to see their employees become more productive at work right after the speech has been delivered to them
  • Change their point of view - When an employee has been employed by a company for a long period of time and has been doing the same job, that employee may become bored with his or her job. Doing a task repetitively can also be depressing for many employees. Boredom and depression don't go well together with being productive. One solution that companies can do is to give the employees another job to do. But instead of becoming productive, the company might just experience less productivity by doing this. One reason is due to the fact that by changing their jobs, the employees will have to learn their work all over again. This is why it would be better for companies to keep their employees doing the same job they used to and hire a speaker to change their point of view instead. Motivational speakers can give the employees a new perspective about their work. They can make these people see things differently and because of it, employees will have a better attitude towards their work.

Hiring a motivational speaker every now and then can give employees a break from their work. Companies should know that employees do not only become physically exhausted but also become mentally exhausted because of their work. Physical exhaustion can be easily solved by giving them a time of their work. However, mental exhaustion is more difficult to deal with. Giving them a break from work will not always guarantee mental relief. On the other hand, making them listen to speakers has a higher chance to solve the problem since this is exactly what these speakers are trying to solve.

Make Fundraising Extra Fun with Rubber Bracelets

07/07/14 | by Brett Conner [mail] | Categories: Accessories

Fundraising for charity is quite popular among young people. There are various ways to raise funds. From car washing to selling pastries, all these and more are done to help in supporting an association?s specific cause. As raising a regular amount of money is clearly needed by most non-profit organizations, the latest trends and ideas on fundraising have been widely utilized by many groups. A great example of raising funds is thru the use of custom rubber bracelets. These bracelets are customized specifically on how one wants them to appear. They are then sold and the accumulated money from selling these bracelets is used basically to fuel the operation of the whole organization.

Many might wonder, ?Why rubber bracelets?? These bracelets are quite trendy and have proven to be influential to many people. The trend of wearing these bracelets started when the live strong Foundation came up with yellow bracelets to show support for people afflicted with cancer. Later on, the fad caught on and out came more popular charity bracelets such as the Life free. Smoke free orange bracelet, anti-racism black and white crossover bracelet, Support-our-troops yellow bracelet and many others. The list of how many organizations use statement bands such as rubber bracelets just goes on and on. Being greatly notable, no wonder many people ride on with this craze. For this reason, rubber bracelets make a great fundraising idea. Not only would it help in raising money for the organization, but it would also help in spreading the organization?s cause. These bracelets are a great way to voice out one?s support for a group of people or for a specific cause in a subtle way.


For organizations wanting to make their own custom bracelets, there are important things needed to be done prior to getting started. First of all, a slogan and design for the bracelet must be decided upon. Organizing a peer group for brainstorming and feedback would be most helpful in this matter. Composing a slogan that is short yet catchy makes it easier for people to remember it. Striking designs help as well, as they easily catch people?s attention. Having an attractive design also makes the bracelet more suitable for wear, thus increasing the probability of many people receiving the message of the organization as flashed on the bracelet itself. The next important step is to choose a reliable supplier. The quality of the bracelet is important as most likely no one would want to wear bracelets that are brittle and easily breakable. Also go for the supplier offering the best rate. Being tight on budget, it is important to compare contributor prices prior to picking any provider.

When the bracelets are all set and ready, selling them for fundraising may then begin. Keep in mind that in order to make sales, one must pick a venue that is sure to draw a large group of people for the fundraising event. If incase an event hasn?t been planned yet, one can try selling them in locations most likely swarmed with a lot of people such as the mall, grocery stores, schools and libraries. Prior to selling, however, make sure that permission to do so is granted by the location?s management.

Fundraising with rubber bracelets makes it more enjoyable as these accessories are attractive and fashionable. They can be easily worn with anything. From everyday casual wear to adding some sleek ones onto formal attire, accessorizing with these bracelets has never been easier. Being trendy for a cause and at the same time helping and reaching out to others is definitely a great combination. Send a message to everyone and make your voices be heard through these bracelets.

Depository Safes: Keeping Your Home, and Home away from Home Safe and Sound

07/02/14 | by Erik Payne [mail] | Categories: Safety Products

A famous adage says that home is where the heart is. It is a very special place that almost everybody cares to protect with all their resources.

For some, part of their safeguarding is the acquisition of depository safes ? cleverly-crafted boxes that aim to protect treasured possessions at your dearly beloved home. From hard-earned pays to photos from a long time ago, families want to keep the valuables that have been part of their home from any kind of threat.

Homeowners who want to employ this kind of protection can actually avail of a number of depository safes classifications that can suit specific type of demands.

The simplest and the most classic type is the standard drop safe. It contains a single compartment whose space between it and the dropping area feature jagged edges that aid in the safekeeping.

A variation of this kind is the rotary hopper deposit safe. It resembles that of a standard drop safe except that the dropping area is found at the topmost part: the rotary hopper. A connecting drum that rotates transports your valuables to the main storage area.

If you wish to categorize the possessions you want to keep, there is no need to buy two depository safes. Some type of safety boxes actually feature two storage area that addresses your concern about organizing valuables.

Double chamber deposit safes have two chambers. The upper is connected to a drop, while the lower is not but has a lock of its own.

Inside teller drops, another kind of categorizing-friendly safes is a deposit safe within a deposit safe. The main compartment area contains another box inside that has its own lock.

With these kinds of safety boxes, you have the liberty to sort out your valuables according to whatever category you may wish. Some place money on the safer chambers and keep documents on the relatively more vulnerable side to burglary.

The characteristic of the safer chamber, having a lock of its own, guarantees that only you can open the storage area, except for cases when you allow other people to do so.

More sophisticated depository safes are also available in the market. Some opt for this type as they see it as a great investment with regards to protecting priced possessions.

Rear load deposit safes feature a dropping area located in one of the paralleling walls. This is where you enter the items you wish to ?load? or deposit.

Another type under this classification is the through-the-wall deposit safe. This mirrors that of a rear load deposit safe?s qualities. Specifically, this safe is mounted on walls, but doors and shelves are options too.

With these kinds of deposit safes, the home where your heart is can be safe and sound. However, apart from benefiting your homes, this form of safety measures can also keep your important belongings in the office protected. As much as valuables are found at home, there certainly are equally significant possessions that can be found in this area dubbed as a home away from home.

Most offices commonly use the rear load depository safes as they are particularly catered to store cashes and donations. Moreover, these safes also allow managers and office owners to secure their documents on the storage area (that is well-kept in a specific room) while letting employees and workers drop additional items for safekeeping through the safes? entry point.

Through-the-wall depository safes suit best auto rental dealership offices. Its larger securing area (relative to the rear load safes) let the managers or the owner?s huge amounts of pertinent items necessary in the keeping the business going.

Cashiers and tellers, on the other hand, widely use the inside teller drops as they are quite helpful in keeping their offices? monetary possessions on the inside box while keeping records and other receipts at the main compartment for easier access.

Isn?t the job of deposit safes amazing? It does not only keep your home safe, but your ?home away from home? as well.

Gripping Golf Clubs for the Perfect Golf Swing

05/09/14 | by Dale Ferguson [mail] | Categories: Sports
Grip is grasping or holding fast and firmly. Good grip in golf plays an important part as this determines the performance of a golf swing. The hands must firmly hold the golf clubs while swinging it depending on the desired stroke and impact to make.

A good neutral grip is done with the hands placed close to the sides of the club shaft.  While preparing to strike the ball, the clubface, the right hand’s palm, and the back of the left hand should face the cup. A neutral grip is found to be difficult to do for some other golfers, but it is actually an ideal grip to hit the ball with a slice or a hook.
Overlapping, also known as the Vardon grip, is the overlaying of the smallest or pinky finger over the pointing finger or middle finger of the left hand; most players do whichever feels comfortable for them. Golfers may also use interlocking grip wherein the smallest finger of the right hand is interlocked with the pointing finger of the left hand to ensure the stable grip on the shaft of the golf clubs. Either technique works well depending on the players’ preference, comfort and size and strength of the hands. The Vardon grip is ideal for those with big and sturdy hands as weak hands will find this grip technique difficult to keep in position while controlling the golf clubs.

A strong grip is said to be the normal way of gripping the club. However, there’s a higher tendency to create a hook when the grip is too strong. A weak grip, on the other hand, prevents the hook but may also tend to slice.

To position a good grip, put the hand on the golf clubs with sufficient pressure instead of putting too much tension because this will affect the swing that you intend to perfect.  

Complementary to the grips are the posture and alignment. Alignment means the positioning of the body parallel to the goal. Posture or stance is the positioning of the body parts (feet, knees, hand, shoulders) such as aligning the knees and looking toward the target in order to properly distribute the weight of the body.   Let the pelvis rotate freely to 90 degrees. Knees should be flexed instead of bent and the arms must be kept close to the chest when swinging. The position of the legs also change when swinging from address to downswing and to the impact because the golfer tends to push the ground off.

The ability of the upper body to tilt when bending forward is the most important in the posture at address. With the flattened lower back and downward positioning of the pelvis, the tilt that the golfer makes when swinging golf clubs impacts the physical condition of his hip and spine. Learning to moderately move the pelvis and the legs will allow the golfer to deliver the perfect swing and create a healthy drill.

Aiming is also a necessary process to complete the golf swing. This refers to making the clubface and the ball parallel to the target together with the proper stance. Walking around the area and studying the grounds and the path before proceeding to swing is normal especially at the green. However, when aiming the driver, remember to choose a distant object or landmark such as trees which are aligned with the target and always think one shot ahead to determine the appropriate angle and path to your goal. Because an average golfer only hits about 170 to 200 yards, it is essential that they drive down the fairway which can be achieved with proper aiming, posture, alignment and grip to create the best swing.

Misting Fans: The Better Cooling Device

05/08/14 | by Tom Frederic [mail] | Categories: Small Business

With the sun out and shining as bright as ever, people have this feeling of discomfort brought by the constant heat and dry air. They are turning to cooling devices to battle the suffocating heat and thus, providers of such appliances have become aggressive in promoting their heat relief devices. Out of all these devices found in the market, two cooling appliances stand out: the misting fan and the air conditioner. Despite the competition, there are a number of reasons why misting fans are the better cooling devices. Here are the top reasons why one should get a misting fan rather than an Air conditioner.

1. The electric bill does not skyrocket with the use of the misting fan.

A misting fan, despite its additional cooling features, is still just a fan. It does not consume relatively high electricity to operate. The problem with the air conditioner is that it has a high need for electricity thus it results to higher electric bills. Most cooling fans use only around 25% of the energy required by an air conditioning unit.

2. Fresher air is produced with the misting fan.

What is great about the misting fan is that it takes the dry air and adds moisture in it. It uses evaporative cooling to make the air cooler, in that its procedure consists of producing a thin mist that would quickly evaporate in the air and consequently lower temperature. The air produced is also fresher as opposed to the air produced in air conditioners. Though the use of air conditioners makes the general area cooler, it however makes the air drier. This is because the process involves refrigerating indoor air.

3. Misting fans are more efficient and effective outdoors.

The best thing about the misting fan is that it is still as effective outdoor as it is indoor. Since it adds moisture to the air and proficiently spreads it, the cooling processwould not be hindered by being outside. In truth, it is even more efficient outdoors since this device depends on the level of humidity of the area and it is usually a given fact that it is more humid outside. Though there are also attempts to create outdoor air conditioners, the effect is not as great. The cooled air does not stay chilled because external factors really work against outdoor air conditioners. The blast of cool air could only be felt in close proximity of the device and does not even spread in the area. Air conditioners work best for small, closed areas.

It is for this reason that establishments, especially restaurants prefer misting fans to air conditioners. The misting fan enables restaurant owners to set up an outdoor setting to its customer without having to worry about the constant heat and uncomfortable sticky humid air.
4. Misting fans are more environment friendly and have better supplementary features

One of the great features of a misting fan is its odor control. Since the main purpose of the fan is to provide fresh air, it makes sure that the air circulating in the area is fresh and free from unwanted odor. This is unlike the air conditioner which traps the chilled air in the room, along with whatever existing odor, whether pleasant or not. Moreover, the misting fan prevents the build up of dust particles. This is due to the area being constantly misted; a misted area does not collect dust. Another great result of a misted area is that it has fewer insects.

There are still a lot more reasons why the misting fans are superior to the air conditioners but it all boils down to the main reason why users would be purchasing a cooling device. In general, a misting fanis cost-efficient, environment-friendly, and works best in large outdoor areas with high humidity levels.

JD Edwards Consulting :Choosing the Best Services

06/12/13 | by Carver Admas [mail] | Categories: Information Technology

The best JD Edwards consulting firm should measure its success based on each client?s satisfaction. It should seek to manage every client interaction with honesty and integrity. Whenever you are choosing the right firm, choose a firm that lives by these standards so as to deliver comprehensive services to its clients. The best firms are armed with teams of experts who develop well tested business strategies and implement the best business solutions. The experts work hand in hand with the clients involving them in every process. They assist clients in choosing the best approaches to solve their business problems through software and technological development.

It is important for the JD Edwards consulting firm to understand the uniqueness of every business. Every business is unique and distinct in its own manner. Therefore, new and unique software implementation strategies have to be developed for every business. The consulting firm assists clients to extend the value and also maximize the life of their JD Edwards software investments. What are some of the qualities that you need to look for in a JDE partner. To begin with, you need to ensure that the consulting firm can assist you with all your JDE needs. Some firms may only focus on one aspect of JD Edwards solutions. However, you need a partner who can assist you with all aspects of JDE and not just one.

As you seek JD Edwards consulting services, consider whether you want to implement the application behind your corporate firewall or in the cloud. Most software applications are available as Saas (Software as a service). The JD Edwards applications are also no exception. If you are seeking to run JD Edwards in the cloud, you will have many hosting providers to assist you. However, it?s not guaranteed that all the providers will offer services aimed at helping you get the most out of your cloud experience. You therefore need to be careful whenever you are choosing a provider.  

The JD Edwards consulting firm should be committed to change management of your organization. Your business is not going to remain stagnant but will definitely change with time. When your business is changing, your JD platform should keep in pace. Your ERP system should be regularly monitored to ensure that it is meeting the needs of your business. Whenever you notice some gaps in the application, you should adjust the JDE application to close the gaps. Your consultant should stay at the top of latest releases in technology and applications.

Reasons Why You Need Live Chat Agents

04/26/13 | by Carver Admas [mail] | Categories: Software

Live chat service strives to improve customer experience on your website. One of its benefits is the fact that it helps in customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers will help you get an edge over your competitors. Therefore, live chat service is something that every business should consider having on the website. Companies offer live chat software as a hosted service. They can also offer live chat agents that will help you in management of the service. The purpose of these agents is to manage the conversations on your live chat with customers.

Notably, most of the queries that people make on websites are almost the same. Therefore, it is possible to come up with a script that these live chat agents can use to answer frequently asked questions. This script is offered by the company getting the service and agents can copy and paste when they are asked these questions. This helps in managing the information that gets to your clients. It also reduces, your operational cost on customer support because the only queries that will be forwarded to you are those that cannot be answered using the pre-defined text.

The chat service is operational for twenty four hours on your website. This means that live chat agents should also be available the whole time for your customers. Apart from answering questions these agents are responsible for monitoring the chats and identifying the ones that need to be addressed quickly. They will forward important customers and investors to your company. This is extremely important because it very easy to lose a client or customer because they were not handled professionally on chat. Live chat agents are trained to not only identify customer solutions but also get business for the company whose account they handle.

The type of live chat agents that you get is determined by the company that you choose. Therefore, you should check the features that the company is offering you when getting this service. Some companies will offer your website a solution for when the agents are not available. An example is a backing answering service that can be routed back to you in case there are no agents to handle the chat.

You can also have things like email forms that customers can fill when they do not get a live agent. However, it is always advisable to have an agent online at all times. This service will significantly improve the performance of your website.

The Benefits Remote Desktop Connection Can Offer Your Business

04/24/13 | by Carver Admas [mail] | Categories: Software


When considering remote desktop connection, undoubtedly you have heard that there are numerous ways that it could be beneficial to your business. The main advantage of this software is enabling you to access any computer that is connected to your network no matter your geographical location. Once the software has been installed on the specific computers, the remote desktop connection enables you to retrieve files, view documents, catch up on your email and much more. Although this software is popular for personal use, it does not mean that it does not present its advantages to businesses too. By implementing this software in the workplace, there are a number of advantages that you can benefit from.

1. Efficient training. Typically, when it comes to staff training, companies tend to outsource these services so as to ensure the employees that are already trained do not have to disrupt their work schedules. Not only does this lead to additional costs for the company, but it may also take up time. With a remote desktop connection, the training of staff can now be done efficiently without additional costs. The business has the opportunity to develop educational tools, which will then be accessible by each computer. This eliminated the need to outsource trainers. In addition to this, the employees do not need to miss work as they will be getting hands-on training right from their computer.

2. Convenient supervision. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is keep looking over your workers? shoulders to ensure that they are doing what is expected of them. Not only will this take a lot of your time but also some employees may find this quite intrusive. However, this does not mean that you should not check on their progress. If you would like to do this conveniently, you should consider a remote desktop connection. This will give you a chance to view the screen of the employees that are currently logged into the network and see how productive they are. This is especially convenient if your company has branches around the nation as you do not have to be there physically to track their productivity.

3. Faster communication. Conventional modes of communicating such as through phone calls and emails are fine. However, they may not be as convenient as a remote desktop connection, which will offer you other features such as group interaction. This is especially convenient for management.

Purchasing Outdoor Bar Sets: Choosing the right supplier

04/09/13 | by Carver Admas [mail] | Categories: Furniture

There are many suppliers from whom you can purchase outdoor bar sets. When planning to invest in this furniture, you should ensure that you purchase from the best suppliers. When choosing a supplier, consider the variety of items available. If there is one thing that customers appreciate when making a purchase is the variety. With a great variety of items to choose from, you can make a more informed choice than when you are limited on variety. Thus evaluate the assortment of items that the supplier is offering. If you feel limited on choice, proceed to another supplier.

Are you seeking to acquire an outdoor bar sets from onsite or online suppliers? Many people prefer making online purchases due to the vast advantages that come with them. For instance, it is convenient to make an online purchase. You can access online market sites at any time of day or night. As long as you have an internet enabled device such as computer or phone, you can make the purchase from wherever. You simply have to browse through various websites and identify the products on offer. You may then go to fill the online ordering form and make the online payment.

Online suppliers of outdoor bar sets have some safe procedures for online payments. You will not need to worry about the protection of your credit card details for instance. You can be sure that your personal information will be held with a lot of care and confidentiality. Once you have made the purchase, the item will be delivered right to your premises. Online suppliers have in place some shipping procedures that ensure products are safely and promptly delivered to the customers. You do not have to hassle by personally visiting the supply stores. Embrace the technology and make a purchase the easy way.

There are various strategies that can be employed in identifying the best outdoor bar sets. For instance, you could browse the internet and identify various suppliers. Ensure that you go through the customers? testimonials and reviews. If you come across some negative customer comments, this should serve as a red flag that the supplier may not be reliable. You could also seek some recommendations from other home/business owners who may have invested in bar sets before. They can guide you into identifying the best suppliers from whom you can acquire high quality and affordable furniture. By identifying the right supplier, you can be sure that you will get the best bargain and quality furniture as well.

You can Bank on Telemarketing Software for Effective Sales Campaigns

03/20/13 | by Carver Admas [mail] | Categories: Communication

There is no doubt that telemarketing software helps bring down the cost of marketing through the phone. It also cuts down on the turnaround time. There is also the aspect of improved efficiency among your marketing staff. Call centers thrive on business calls. They are also used in business process outsourcing services. An automated call center requires you to have top of the range equipment as well as the latest software in the market. The predictive dialer software is one of the most important in this line of marketing. It enables you to get in touch with business prospects and provide information in real time.

Telemarketing software is available online. You can download and customize it with respect to your needs. Another way would be to consult telemarketing experts who can advise you on the best software. You should be prepared to invest good money on this project. Since technology keeps on changing, you should not be left behind. Buy software that can serve you for long before it becomes redundant. Look for programs where you are required to pay annual licenses. The software should allow you to download updates as they come. The re-seller must see to it that they provide adequate user training and support.

With the right telemarketing software, you realize that it takes a short while to reach a wide clientele base. Take the predictive dialer for instance. Imagine what your team would have to go through without it. Instead, here is a system that calls your prospects automatically and then determines when and to whom the call will be relayed. A manual call takes about 30 seconds to go through. This is from the time you dial the number, listening to the phone ringing twice or thrice before someone picks it up. Consider a scenario where a sales agent is supposed to call 100 clients. This would add up to around 50 minutes. That?s around an hour just dialing alone.

Telemarketing software saves you from such time wasting activity. This is quite significant for any business. It can lead to an increase in productivity. You also stand to save the client?s precious time. People do not have all the time to wait until you speak to them. If no one is attending to a call especially cold calls, your client will most likely hang up. Therefore, you need to intensify your marketing campaigns by improving on efficiency and swiftness.

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